Full Service Grooming Includes:

     Clean ears, trim nails, brush out, bathe (hypo-allergenic shampoo), dry, shave between paw pads,
     sanitary, haircut and
 coat re-hydrating moisturizer.


Bathing Services Includes:

     Clean ears, trim nails, brush out, bathe (hypo allergenic shampoo), dry, shave between paw pads if needed,
     sanitary and coat re-hydrating moisturizer.

Creative Grooming / Coloring / Highlights:

(Add on to full bath/grooming service. A clean canvas (fur) is best to work with!

     Starting at $7 and up. This is for pet parents who like to have something a little
     different and unique such as mohawks, special patterns, washable coloring, semi-
     permanent coloring, stencil work, glitter or something else in mind.    

Matting Fee's:

     If your pet is matted or tangled and requires extra time additional fee's of $5.00 and up per pet may apply. 

Pets with Flea's:

     If fleas are found on your pet(s), a $10.00 & up fee will be applied per pet. Your pet(s) will
     then receive a flea bath (a citronella oil/cedar oil shampoo) at time of service. This is to minimize the
     spread of fleas to the work space and other pets. Precious Paws Pet Services does not work with flea infested pets.

Grooming Time:

     Your pets are worked on one at a time. Please allow 10 minutes to 2 hours per pet. Time will
     depend on the grooming/service that is needed, the number of pets you need
 groomed, size
     and how well your pet does during the grooming process. 

Pick Up Time:

     Precious Paws Pet Services will give you an estimated pick up time for your pets at time of drop off.
     Once your pet is ready you will receive a call.

     Please be sure you are able to pick up your pet(s) within the estimated time as Precious Paws
     Pet Services does not provide day care services and may charge additional fee's accordingly.



     Precious Paws Pet Services is a residential business. Please be sure to call
     and schedule your appointment or ask questions.

     To avoid cancellation fee's please call 1-3 days ahead of your appointment if
     you need to cancel or re-schedule. To avoid late drop off/pick up fee's, please
     be sure not to arrive more than 10 minutes past your appointment drop off/pick up


 Grooming Prices:


     Grooming prices will depend on several factors: The size of your pet, the type of coat:
     short flat coated (ex: lab, dalmatian, dachshund, chihuahua) or long fur,
 the condition
     of their coat, how well they behave during the grooming process
 and what you would
     like to be done. Grooming prices do not include matting or flea
 fee's if applicable.
     *Please call to receive an estimate. 



Grooming Ad On's: 
(for pets that may or may not need full grooming services.)

     Cat/Dog Fresh Breath Dental Rinse

     Teeth Brushing

     Nail Painting (dogs only)

     Cat Nail Trim 

     Dog Nail Trim 

     Dog Nail Dremel

     Dog Nail Trim + Dremel

     Tail Trim

     Feather Trim

     Feet Trim

     Face Trim

     Ear Cleaning


     Stencil Work

     Feather Extensions

     Coloring (wash out/semi-permanent)

     If you see something not listed please feel free to ask.


Mobile Nail Trim Service (cat or dog):

Prices vary on location. Call to inquire. 

Vaccinations / Before Your Appointment:
Please have all necessary vaccination documents ready. All vaccination information will
be written down on your client card. Once these vaccinations are close to expiration you
will be asked to provide proof of updated vaccinations.

Vaccines are required for the safety of all pets and humans. 



PLEASE NOTE: Proof of current vaccinations are required for all services provided

Dogs- Bordatella, DHPP and Rabies.
Cats - Rabies and Feline Leukemia (If your cat is strictly indoor, only proof of Rabies is required.) 

If your pet(s) are not current on vaccinations, please have them vaccinated
1-2 weeks 
prior to any service being provided. 

For safety reasons, if I feel your pet is aggressive, I cannot handle them or do not feel
comfortable, I may not be able to work with them. Thank you for understanding.

 Precious Paws Pet Services Uses Professional Shampoo's and Pet Products on your
LuckyPaw_IMG_Link.png pets unless otherwise given a preferred shampoo/product of your choice to use at time of service. LuckyPaw_IMG_Link.png