If you want a healthier and happier pet give Nature's Select a try. I highly recommend this product!


I first came upon this great holistic food when I was at the county fair in 2013. I have two small dogs, one of which was more sensitive to pet store foods. Although I fed her middle grade to more expensive brands, she was picky about foods and one brand in particular made her very sick.

That's when I decided to go straight to Nature's Select. Besides being an excellent product, Nature's Select has helped my poodle mix in a great way. She has a common issue (the vet says among poodles) where her hip would pop out of place. This caused her to hold up one of her legs and hop until it was back in place.

Since changing to Nature's Select (mobility formula with glucosomine) she has been walking, running and playing without limping! This kibble has helped my dog wonderfully. I highly recommend this product to all pet lovers and pet owners who want to have a healthier pet! I believe in this product 100% and have been feeding it to my pets for over a year now! 

Feel free to contact Nature's Select with any questions you may have. You can even ask about samples if you would like to try different flavors for your pets! Give your Precious Paws the food they deserve! :)


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Nature’s Select of Northern California
5760 Roseville Road Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95842


Free delivery on orders of $35 and up. The more you buy the more you save!

Store Bought Food Example: 11lbs of pet store food - $25 (purchase two of these and you spend $50.)

Nature's Select Example: 11lbs of pet food - $25. (Purchase 30 lbs, only pay $50. That's like getting 8 lbs free.
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Images used with permission from Nature's Select, NSNORCAL.com